OPEN 2023 from 30 March to 15 October


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The campsite is located within the Natural Park “Aiguamolls of l'Empordà”, in the municipality of Castelló d'Empúries, just next to Empuriabrava, at about 500 m of this village's center.

Empuriabrava, well-known as the “Spanish Venice”, it is Europa's biggest residential navy, with more than 23 km of water channels and in general constituted by small houses with garden and a mooring for the boat.

At 200 ms in front of the campsite there is a fine sandy beach, the beach of "La Rubina", in the gulf of Roses.

Access to situation map, with Google Maps.

How to arrive

From the French border or from Barcelona, choose the motorway AP-7 or the national road N-II until Figueres (AP-7 exits 3 or 4).

Just before Figueres take the ring road towards the road C260, direction Roses. 8 Kms before Roses, turn on the right to Empuriabrava.

Once in Empuriabrava, follow the signs: the camping is located on the left side and on the beach, this is, on the side towards Roses.

If you are lost in Empuriabrava, just ask to someone living there, normally everyone knows where the camping is. Or phone us.

The nearest train station /european bus station is in FIGUERES. From there, you have two alternatives:

  • Take a taxi. From Figueres to the campsite in Empuriabrava, it should cost you about 30-35 € (prices 2020).

  • Take a bus until Empuriabrava. The bus stops at the entrance of the village. You can view the timetable in MOVENTIS-SARFA.
    Afterwards, take a taxi or another bus until the campsite.

The second bus runs inside Empuriabrava. In 2020, it has the following schedule and its price is 1,20 €.

From Girona's airport you hace two choices:

  • Choice 1: TAXI

    You can take a regular taxi, but there is also a mini-van taxi service for around € 73-85 per vehicle (2020 prices). It can be booked on their website or by phone.

  • Choice 2: BUS

    Before there was a direct bus from the airport to the entrance of Empuriabrava. In 2020 this bus is no more there, therefore you need:

    1. Bus from the airport to Girona center (bus station).
    2. Bus or taxi from Girona to Empuriabrava.

From Barcelona's airport you hace two choices:

  • Choice 1: TRAIN

    1. Take a bus or a train until Barcelona-Sants, the main train station in Barcelona. The most usual is to take a train. The station is located between the Terminals A and B. It should cost about 3 euros and the travel lasts 15 minutes.
    2. Once in Barcelona-Sants, take another train until Figueres. If you can choose, take a 'Catalunya Express', they are faster and stop less times. Here you have the timetables.
    3. Once in Figueres, follow the instructions in 'How to arrive by train or bus'.

  • Choice 2: BUS

    1. There is a bus line, ALSA, which goes directly from the airport to Figueres. Here you can find the timetable.
    2. Once in Figueres, follow the instructions in 'How to arrive by train or bus'.